We are delighted to introduce you to our family! Ann, to the far left, is prowling San Lorenzo Canyon near Socorro. Roger is enjoying lunch at a local restaurant. Below on the left are Lisa, our younger daughter, who is a counselor to Deaf in Albuquerque; Ann & Roger; and Maia, our older daughter who lives in Veguita and is a massage therapist whose primary interest is Craniosacral therapy. Joy is our family theme! For those of you who remember Ann's Mom, she died in June 2014 at 101.5 yrs. of age. Her advice is live to 100 but not beyond!

Roger & Ann had been regularly visiting Riverbend Hot Springs for several years and made the easy decision to move to Truth or Consequences in '09. Roger re-modeled the front section of our house & we now welcome you to be our guests. Don't be put off by the outside. That's our next project, but you'll really like your room(s) & the shower! Meanwhile, we hope YOU will join us and enjoy the hospitality, amenities, relaxation and comfort available to you at The Birch Street Retreat

Roger is a massage therapist should you want to avail yourself of his services. You'll read more about His Hands Healing Massage on a different page. It was Roger who built the slate, petrified wood & river rock shower you'll see in the photographs on page 4. 

Ann is an early interventionist who spent many years as a bilingual elementary teacher & then began early intervention work with the New Mexico School for the Deaf's PIC program, which had so greatly benefitted us when Lisa was a toddler. Ann still works part time with NMSD PIC & is also Follow Up Coordinator for Newborn Hearing Screening at Albuquerque hospitals. How? By phone! 

We hope you'll come visit so we can learn about you & you can get to know us better. If you're just coming for the lodging, that's okay, too. We keep busy!
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